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Lloyd's Procedure (letter of intent)

Lloyds requests are needed when it is known that a vessel is not on file with Customs & Border Protection, or if any of the following information changes: Name, Owner, Flag of Registry, Draft, Tonnage (Gross/Net).

Lloyds updates are not needed in situations where it is known that the vessel is on file with U.S Customs (US CBP) and the intent of the request is to change the SCAC code associated to the vessel. The US CBP system does not validate the SCAC of the vessel when manifest transmissions are received.


To simplify the process, please use the following format when requesting adds/updates. Additional information about the vessel only complicates the process. Email attachments are O.K. so long as the information is in the format on page 2.
Because of the number of Lloyd's requests Customs has implemented strict format and procedure requirements.  In addition please note:

  • send in the body of the email or as a WORD document so we can do a direct data capture - no Adobe or Excel please
  • send only vessels scheduled to call in the US
  • send only one per email
  • put the vessel name in the email subject
  • use the ISO code for flag of registry
  • updates are done during normal business hours Monday to Friday

Per Customs, failure to follow the procedures will result in your request being significantly delayed or returned without action.

For more information, please contact us directly.