Bookings & Documentation

Flagship-ships is an SaaS-based, hosted on the cloud, that can be accessed, and used through any device with an internet connection.  F-ships is one of the leading applications for steamship lines and their agents.  It provides support for RoRo, Containerized and Break Bulk operations.

F-ships is a highly customizable and modular application that accommodates to your daily operational needs, from the booking of your cargo to the ACE-CBP (US) / ACI-CBSA (Canada) filing, all from one integrated system avoiding double entry and making your company more productive.

CBP and CBSA Certified

Certified by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to interface with their Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and by Canada Customs (CBSA) to interface with their Automated Commercial Information (ACI)


Bookings Create, amend, cancel, copy and transfer.  Booking information can be used to automatically create the core of a Bill of Lading, which the user can then update.

Vessel Schedule Create your vessel schedule or port pairs for use in bookings and documentation. Print/Export schedule in various formats.

Dashboard with quick action buttons to add vessels, contacts, voyages, bookings, and bills of landings.  The last 30-day count for bookings and bills are displayed and more.

ACI (CBSA) Integration One single data entry, file Imports to Canada ACI (CBSA)

Secure, AWS cloud infrastructure, Daily Backups, SSL encrypted tunneling with login and password procedures and user-specific menus determine which options are assigned.

EDI data sharing, send manifest data or status updates to EDI-partners via EDI-310 and EDI-315 formats.

Customized Documents, Document drag and drop tool allows end users to create forms, B/Lading prints or any document needed from the data in the system.

Documentation Create, amend, delete, copy, transfer bills of lading for Exports and Imports. The system is able to determine using sailing ports and user IDs whether bills of lading are export or import, this module is of particular interest to companies wishing to install an international system.

User friendly one-page bookings and bill of ladings make data entry a breeze.

Multiple reporting, a full range of reporting and inquiry capabilities which will produce all legal documentation together. All reports can be printed to the screen, printer, or download as a PDF.

Activity Logs and submission reports record information for each transmission.

ACE (CBP) Integration One single data entry, file Imports and Exports manifest with ACE (CBP), ISF, arrivals, departures, PTT, etc.

B/Lading Templates Ability to create/amend/delete templates for repeated cargo so you save time next time you create the next bill.

Screen Customization Add or hide fields, make them required or not, each data entry screen for bookings and documentation can be customized to match your business requirements.