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We know that 2020 will be the year CBP will make Export Filing mandatory, for Ocean and Rail.
Flagship Trade Net was the First Service center to be certified for Exports Filing with CBP.

So What Does this mean for me?

For Ocean Shipments, the Export filing should be submitted 24-hours prior to vessel Loading.

How do I prepare?

Flagship Trade Net will happily prepare your company for Automated Export Filing. We will set up your database, and train you staff.
The F-Ace Ocean is SaaS-based, hosted on the cloud, that can be accessed, and used through any device with an internet connection. This means there is no installation locally - this provides an easier access, more security and our systems are up and running 24/7/365.

These capabilities include submitting manifests to Customs and automated processing of notifications and status updates.  These manifests can be entered manually or electronically via EDI-309, CAMIR or various other flat file formats.  Status notifications are processed automatically and can be sent to the customer contacts via e-mail or text messages.
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The Ocean export manifest pilot was published via Federal Register Notice Vol. 80, No 161.
The Rail export manifest pilot was published via Federal Register Notice Vol 80, No 174.


F-ace Exports User Manual

Contact us for password to access our user manual.


Manifest data entry, amendments, submissions, status notifications, releases, holds, ITN, exemptions, departures.

Secondary Notify Party (SNP) processing.

Various inquiry options, such as lookups by bill of lading number or container number.

Automated e-mail lists can be configured for various notification purposes such as status updates by disposition code or specific bill of lading number.

Automated alerts via e-mail or text can be used to notify the customer if there any problems with their submissions.

Secure, AWS cloud infrastructure, Daily Backups, SSL encrypted tunneling with login and password procedures and user-specific menus determine which options are assigned.

Dashboard functionality provides individually customized listings for the latest bill statuses and messages received from CBP. Cargo Systems Messaging Service (CSMS). Announcements from CBP are also listed.

Filing capabilities for carriers, agents and other participants.

Multiple reporting options to PDF or EXCEL format plus Manifest Prints (U.S. Customs form 1302A). Customized forms are also available.

Container status messages (CSM) can be created manually within Flagship-ace or can be uploaded electronically and sent to CBP.

EDI data sharing, send manifest data or status updates to EDI-partners via EDI-310 and EDI-315 formats.

Activity Logs and submission reports record information for each transmission to CBP.

MQ Message Transmission, secure data transmission connection to CBP via Cisco VPN/MQ Series.