F-aci Canada

F-aci Canada provides our customers with easily accessible release information and full ACI capabilities. These capabilities include submitting conveyance cargo to Customs, making any corrections, edits, amendments or deletions, receiving responses, status notifications and releases from CBSA.

Flagship-aci Canada is SaaS-based, hosted on the cloud, and accessed and used through any device with an internet connection. This system ensures that carriers and freight forwarders comply with the CBSA ACI regulations and procedures.

CBSA Certified

Certified and Approved by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to interface with their Automated Commercial Information (ACI)


Manifest data entry, amendments, submissions, deletions, responses, status notifications and releases from CBSA.

Inquiry options, such as lookups by cargo control number, container number.

Automated e-mail lists for multiple notification purposes such as status updates by disposition code or specific cargo control number.

Automated e-mail or text alerts notify the customer if there any problems with their submissions.

Secure, AWS cloud infrastructure, Daily Backups, SSL encrypted tunneling with login and password procedures. User-specific Menus determine which options are assigned.

Dashboard functionality provides individually customized listings for the current Bill of Lading status and messages received from CBSA. Announcements from CBSA are also listed.

Filing capabilities for carriers and freight forwarders.

Multiple reporting options to PDF or EXCEL formats plus Cargo Control Documents.  Customized forms are also available.

CBSA Dictionary Codes are included in F-aci. Translation tables can be used to convert your internal codes to CBSA codes, allowing compatibility with other applications.

EDI processing data can be entered manually or automatically. Processing received in EDI-311 format.